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Evil Girlfriend Media 

The art and writing of Katie C.

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A pair of sisters become unsuspecting midwives for an otherworldy fetus. A pumpkinhead shaped pair of scissors will always kill those who cross them. An insecure girlfriend finds out her perfect boyfriend has his own hang-ups that are far more complicated than her cellulite. A sorority girl's cocaine fueled night goes horribly wrong set to the tune of some of the 1980s most popular songs.


Katie Cord explores the bizarre, curious, and absolutely terrifying world of femininity in these twelve short stories.

"A wild mix of body, supernatural, and atmospheric horror in both rural and urban settings. Some stories shock with terror, others are eerily enchanting, and some will make one laugh with gallows humor." 

Elizabeth Guizzetti, Author of Accident Among Vampires Or What Would Dracula Do?

 MAXINE: A Dystopian Zombie Story

In the post-apocalyptic community of McCarthy, Colorado, shy, chubby, misfit Maxine Massachusetts struggles to fit into a uniform society based on patriotism and perfectionism. When one of the most popular girls in school disappears, everyone pretends the girl never existed including her best friends. But Maxine doesn't forget, she wants answers. As if the disappearance of a vanishing student wasn't enough stress, with one swift smack across the face in gym class, Maxine finds herself transforming from punching bag to beautiful monster. McCarthy will never be the same as Maxine struggles to unlock hidden truths while controlling her desire to devour everyone in her path. 

“I really got sucked into this post-apocalyptic tale of a "perfect" community where everything is not quite as it seems. The author did a great job of building the world and pacing the story, teasing out the central mystery bit by bit.     - Amy H., Amazon Review

He Left Her at the Altar,       She Left Him to the Zombies

A collection of short stories filled with the darkest humanity has to offer: alcoholism, zombie STD's, geriatric love drama, and the worst of all, a psychopathic narcissistic bridezilla. Filled with horror, carnage, redemption, a sprinkle of satire, and a whole lot of zombies, this book has a little of everything for the zombie fan.

HE LEFT HER AT THE ALTAR, SHE LEFT HIM TO THE ZOMBIES contains fourteen short stories that will make you laugh, cry, question your life choices, and then come back for more! 


“Katie Cord mixes love, horror, sex, and death together to create something beautifully twisted and Barker-esque.”
--Peter Clines – author of The Ex-Heroes Series

“Read on. Enjoy. And relish a fresh new take on the zombie apocalypse. Katie Cord’s HE LEFT HER AT THE ALTER, SHE LEFT HIM TO THE ZOMBIES will not disappoint you.”--Rhiannon Frater – author of The Dying Days Series 

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